Celebrity Speaker

If you’re looking for celebrity guest speakers for your event, you need look no further. Amy can deliver an inspirational or motivational speech at a conference, or perform as an after dinner speaker for corporate events. Either way, Amy can be suited both to the audience and your budget. true Olympian who knows the pressure and expertise that is behind taking part in intense and unforgettable events. Amys' speeches, both motivational and entertaining, will be sure to inspire your guests or clients.

Motivational Talks

In whatever walks of live, be it sport, business, education or charity Amy is extremely passionate about motivating and encouraging the young and old. She has given motivational speeches for Lloyds Bank and at several schools’ prize-giving days. I have opened several events and buildings such as Cardiff White-Water Rafting Centre and several school sports halls and my painted life-size lion (Medallion) was exhibited in Bath’s “Pride in the City” collection of public art.

Corporate Speeches

Amys' corporate speeches deliver inspiration and ambition by telling her own story. Highlighting what it takes to be the best in your field but is an emotive story of how she achieved Olympic Gold at the Vancouver Winter Olympics in 2010. Amy has delivered speeches surrounding ambition, inspiration, teamwork, motivation, dedication, preparation and what it takes to success with a core focus on integrating her success in the sporting field into business success.

After Dinner Talks

Amy is fun, passionate, intelligent and captivating and has developed her own speaking style incorporating finesse and passion. An after dinner speach by Amy can be tailored precisly to your requirements, to themes, topics and personalities well known to the audience. The material is intelligent, warm and worldly, but also taut and topical. Whatever your event, it will be a huge success.

Award Presentations

Since her Olympic success in 2010 Amy is used to receiving awards, both international and at home in the UK and understands the important recognition that goes alongside receiving an award. Amy can present awards for various different schemes, from television awards to school sports awards. Nothing gives her greature pleasure then presenting an award to other successful winners.