Bath Half Marathon

Last month it was the Bath Half Marathon, an amazing event that takes place around the whole Roman City. People from all over come and support charities close to their hearts. People of all ages, sizes and fitness levels take part, which is just great to see. I didn?t run, but I was supporting from the sidelines shouting encouragement and hoping to motivate everyone in the last leg of the course.

Every year I tell myself that I really must try and train up a little and take part in it, but I always end back on the sidelines! One day! The skeleton season has finished for another winter which means my competitions are all complete for 2011/2012. The last race of the season was the World Championships, in which I finished 5th. I was pleased with my performance as this is a solid placing to end the season on. I can?t believe how quickly it goes, all of a sudden I?m back home and in summer training. Not before I have had a bit of chill out time though! Since I've been home I've attended a few different events.

First of all there was a special reception for Olympic Women 2012, with past, present and future sporting stars, hosted by Deputy Prime Minister Nick Clegg at Admiralty House in Westminster. Nick Clegg spoke seriously about the need for women?s sport to have more mainstream coverage and support; there were no arguments from the room! Almost every conversation that evening between the athletes touched on the struggle for recognition at some point or another. The atmosphere in the grand drawing room at Admiralty House was relaxed, upbeat and celebratory. It was lovely to be sharing my experiences and stories in my sport with the new and upcoming girls, most of whom were excited to see if they would be competing in the London Olympics. I wish them all luck in their quest for qualification.

A few days later I drove to Slough as I had agreed to do a motivational talk for the 02 Telefornica UK brand team. Standing in front of a room full of people scares me big time! I find it more frightening and nerve-racking then standing at the start of a skeleton track, so I had to find my brave hat to put on before I started. I talk about how I got into skeleton, missing out on the 2006 Olympics, the low points and how that spurred me onto the next four years to make sure I went to the 2010 Vancouver Olympics. I also talk about my close relationship with the team around me, setting goals, and how I strive for perfection in everyday training, which subsequently transfers to my performance on the track, all of which are skills that are transferable to any business. Give me a shout if you want me to come and talk to your company! Have a great week!