Olympic Games

I realise that I need to tell myself off for not having written a blog to you all for such a long time. Today the last day of July, and I have just flown back from New York, yes a little crazy that I was over there when the excitement of the Olympic Games is here in London, I was giving a talk to celebrate the 10yr anniversary of the insurance company Aspen, I was sharing their success and telling them my story having taken 10yrs to get my Gold medal. Talking of Gold, I know, as yet Team GB haven?t quite yet got a gold medal, but let?s still keep supporting and cheering our athletes on as there are many more chances in the net weeks. A lot of people are talking about the extra pressure these home games are giving the athletes, but I feel that every athlete knows or learns how to deal with the pressure, and the highest level is what we as athletes place on ourselves to want to perform at our very best and not to let ourselves down. As I?m writing this I have the team equestrianism on my TV, so must shout out a massive well done for winning Silver medals, great job to all riders and let?s not forget the horses too!

So London 2012 started off with the Opening Ceremony which took place at 9pm on 27 July 2012. I was lucky to be there sat in the stadium feeling the incredible buzz and excitement and watching the spectacular event right in front of my eyes. It was out of this world. The Ceremony welcomed the finest athletes from more than 200 nations for the start of the London 2012 Olympic Games, marking an historic third time the capital has hosted the world?s biggest and most important sporting event. I had my little tiny role to play at the end of the ceremony, when past Olympic medalists of Team GB were invited to go down on the stadium floor wearing our medals, being there to show our support and best wishes to our 2012 team. Then the spectacular finale of the event saw the Olympic Cauldron, formed of 205 copper petals representing the competing nations coming together in London for the Games, ignited by seven young Torchbearers nominated by Britain?s past and present Olympic and sporting greats, I think that was a great way to finish the night, handing over to the next generation of athletes.