Olympic Torch

Having represented Great Britain for the past 10 years in the winter sport of Skeleton, I have recently decided to retire. This past weekend has made me realise how proud I am to be British and to have represented this great country in many World Cup races, World Championships and at the Olympic Games. It has been a tough decision for me over the past months but for many reasons I feel that the time is right for me to start afresh on a new path in life. So what does that new life hold me for? Well, I am working on that now! My retirement didn?t quite start how I would have wished, I was in the gym one morning doing my new ?keeping fit? training, and whilst on a piece of equipment my knee and the machine decided to have a disagreement and the end result was that my knee lost, oww pain like I have never felt before in my life! I had to go straight into surgery two days later to piece and sew it all back together, a big thank you to Jonathon Webb at the Spire hospital in Bristol (he had already one key hole surgery on both my knees before over the past years!) he has done a great job. Now it?s the long road of rehabilitation for me! I know I?m not a competing athlete anymore, but I really want to stay fit and healthy and remain very active in my next stage of life as I never know what adventures and challenges maybe around the corner!

With my knee in a brace and using crutches I had to take many trips up and down to London in the past weeks, which I have to say is pretty tricky when on the tube trying to go up and down all the tube stop stairs one at a time, its slow progress!

I was very honoured to have been chosen to carry to Olympic Torch, I was chosen to carry it through Yeovil on the 22nd May, what a day, I was very excited to be part of 1 of 8000 people who get to carry the flame travels its way through the UK. I have also been following it with the Telegraph Online, with weekly blogs ?Lighting the road to London 2012? take a look on the website and see who I have spoken to along the way and where the torch has been on its journey: www.telegraph.co.uk/sport/olympics/torch-relay/video